Turtle Wax ICE Liquid Wax- Dirt Repellent Formula (414ml) : 


Features breakthrough dirt repellent formula to keep finishes cleaner longer


  1. Delivers long lasting, water resistant shine and protection to your vehicle's exterior surfaces..
  2. Shine and distinction of image is extremely high on automotive paint and reflective properties have dramatically increased.
  3. A new wax blend fills in surface swirl marks and hides surface paint imperfections to restore a like new reflective appearance.
  4. Can be virtually used on all automotive exterior surfaces, including flat paint, plastic, glass and chrome surfaces.
  5. Provides time released protection that keeps on working long after most ordinary waxes are long gone.


Comes with Foam applicator and a Microfiber in box.

Made in USA

Turtle Wax ICE Liquid Wax- Dirt Repellent Formula - 414ml

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