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Renny Doyle Double Black Bead Maker Paint Protectant

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                                                           Soak All Water After Wash, special for SUV`s

                                                                            Imported from USA


Waffle weave plus a foam core provide awesome absorption!

The best way to prevent water spots on your pristine paint finish is towel-drying the vehicle after each wash. Mothers Ultra Soft Drying Towel is a large microfiber towel with an absorbent foam core that inhales every drop of water to leave your vehicle dry and spotless.

Internal thin foam surrounded by waffle weave microfiber. The waffle weave nearly doubles the surface area of the towel so there are more fibers to hold more water.

Ultra safe on any surface. The silky microfibers glide over the vehicle’s surface without causing swirls or scratches. The towel is safe on glass, paint, clear coats, and plastic.

Satin edge that further protects the vehicle from micro-marring during the detailing process.

No lint and it retains its super soft texture better than terry cloth towels.


Mothers Ultra Soft Drying Towel- 24 x 20 inch

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