• Absorber XL - 29 x 18 inches

                                                                Absorber XL Car Drying Towel
Made in Japan

29 inches x 18 inches

Yellow Color

An Amazing Towel for drying Auto surfaces & More. You will be surprised how easy it makes drying paint surfaces of Large SUV`s after a Shampoo wash.

The Absorber is made of a unique material called PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol). The secret of the Absorber's power is it's amazing uniform, sponge-like pore structure. This design enhances capillary action and gives the Absorber it’s super drying ability.

Tough Lintless surface

Resistant to most chemicals

Unharmed by grease and oil

No Ugly water spots after Car wash

Comes with a plastic container to keep it moist during storage.

Long Life, will last years !

Better Then Chamois !


You are going to fall in Love with this drying towel,


Absorber XL - 29 x 18 inches

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