1. For smoothest, sharpest, wettest, and brightest reflection possible. BLACK LIGHT is extremely easy to apply by hand or machine and delivers a durable anti-static finish that radiates color.


2. A durable extremely bright Hybrid Finish that would deliver the maximum level of color vibrancy, optical clarity and brightness while withstanding the harshest of climates

3. A fully synthetic nano-blend formulation enriched with the highest available emulsion of gloss enhancers. By combining the finest blend of optical clarity gloss enhancers with Chemical Guys proprietary bi-blend technology, BLACK LIGHT delivers a slick, radiant finish unlike anything else.


  1. Wash your vehicle using 4 gallons warm water using any good car shampoo.
  2. Apply BLACK LIGHT by hand, DA or rotary with a foam finishing pad.
  3. Let to dry for 15 minutes and buff off with MF. 
  4. Apply 2nd coat of BLACK LIGHT by hand.
  5. Let dry & cure for for 15-30 minutes.
  6. Buff again for final finish.

Made in USA

16 Oz


Chemical Guys Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish 16 oz

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