• Diehard Power Inverter 140 Watt 110 V, 12 V, 5 V

DieHard® Power Inverter:


This is a Sears, USA Brand Product not some China KnockOff.


If you have a USA electrical Laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Video Game, MP3 Player, PDAs or any Cell phone. This product will securely charge it without any converter in your car.


Travel Inverter With USB Port Offers Usable Power Anywhere! The power packed DieHard Inverter with Built-In USB Port converts 12V DC (direct current, from Cars Cigarette lighter receptacle) power to usable 110 V AC (alternating current) power making it easy for you to get the electricity you need when you need it.


This unit gives you accessibility wherever you are - your home, the office and on the road. The inverter plugs into your car, sport utility vehicle, boat, van or recreational vehicle-anywhere there is an accessory DC power outlet (also known as a cigarette lighter) in your vehicle. 


The Travel Inverter with USB Port lets you use DC battery power in the most out-of-the-way location and keep your AC power driven items like your mobile phone, laptop, MP3 players, video games and more charged and ready for use; the end result is you stay connected wherever you may be traveling.


Highlights: 280 peak watts USB port (5 volt) The DieHard Inverter with Built-In USB Port delivers an uninterrupted 140 watts power, LED light indicates inverter is connected, Built in safety features include fuse & overload protection, low battery voltage shutdown, high temperature shutdown and high speed cooling fan Thermal protection offers added safety by keeping the unit heat regulated and preventing too high temperatures


Included is a USB port to give you more connectivity and let you charge two items at one time.

Keeps your items safe, Compact, uncomplicated and convenient to use wherever you travel.


Well Packed in temper proof hard plastic shell material.


Doesn't release plastic fumes that will make you sick like some China Knockoffs will do.


USA Import

Diehard Power Inverter 140 Watt 110 V, 12 V, 5 V

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