• CarPro Iron X Snow Soap 500 ml

Cleanse paint of iron contaminants better than ever with Iron X Snow Soap!

1. Decontaminates
automotive paint, glass, chrome and wheels by removing corrosive iron particles.


2. Iron X Snow Soap opens up the pores in the paint as you wash your vehicle, releasing ferrous airborne particles before they can cause further damage.


3. Iron X Snow Soap is also formulated with an advanced blend of degreasers so it has the power to cut through heavy road film leaving paint squeaky clean and ready for polishing.

4. Iron X Snow Soap features a high-foaming formula that works great in Foam Cannon HP or Foam Guns. Its formula is highly concentrated and thick foam that will cling to your vehicle’s surfaces ridding them of dirt, road grime, and - more importantly – ferrous airborne particles. What’s more, Iron X Snow Soap changes color as it interacts with such ferrous airborne particles, letting you know that it’s working!



  • High Lubricity
  • pH balanced
  • Contains degreasers that cut through road film and heavy grime with ease
  • Produces thick foam that clings to all surfaces
  • Removes ferrous airborne particles
  • Changes color as it interacts with iron particles
  • Clear coat safe
  • Phosphate free
  • Will not affect durability of coatings and polymer-based paint sealants

500 ml

Made in Korea

CarPro Iron X Snow Soap 500 ml

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