• BB Impex Car Care Kit-2

                        BB Impex Car/Bike Care Kit-2 :

Armaly®, FinishKare®, Kirkland , Collinite® & Duragloss® all together.


For New Cars/Bike or Old, Best Deal for DIY (do it yourself) Guys:

Its a good feeling when you know what you are putting on your car & taking upmost care to make it shine & protect. Leave people talking when you Zooom past in your shiny ride !


Kit-2 Contents:

1 Small Bottle FK 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant (118.3ml)
1 Small Tin Can FK Hi Temp Paste Wax BWM1000 (56.7 gms)
1 Small Bottle FK108AS Top Kote (118.3ml)
1 Small Bottle Collinite 845 Wax (118.3ml)
2 Kirkland Ultra Plush 380 GSM 16x16 inch Microfibers
1 Armaly QuikPad (2 Pads in one pack)
2 Duragloss 905 Car Wash Concentrate Shampoo (28 ml pack)


Step 1: Clean your New or Old Car/Bike with a decent car shampoo like
Duragloss 905, Dry using a Microfiber in Shade.

Step 2: Apply the FK#215 One Step Cleaner & Sealant with supplied Kirkland Plush Microfiber (MF) by folding it 4 times & in a circular motion. Buff the applied 215 using new side of MF. This step will clean the paint surface of new Car/Bike or m
ildly oxidised dull paint of old Motor Bikes or Cars. Will remove old layers of wax, polish & visibly improves color and condition of paint. While cleaning, this unique non-abrasive compound lays durable polymers to seal and protect paint from daily grind of environment.  Made in USA, 118.3 ml. See Application Details in BB Impex Forum.  

Step 3: Apply in a very thin layer the Supplied FK#BWM1000 Hi Temp Paste Wax using one Armaly QuikPad to whole car in Shade. Buff the car using Supplied second Eurow Premium MF.

Amazing Durability- This high temperature wax provides ultra heat resistant to Bike or Car paint. If your Bike or Car is parked whole day in sun, this is the wax to go ! This full synthetic wax or some people call it "sealant" can withstand temperature up to 121 ºC. It shows extreme hardness, extreme slickness, high gloss with exceptional durability. Unlike natural waxes, it provides consistent results without the quality fluctuations found in natural waxes. 

Step 4: For Extreme Durability & protection from Summer heat in India, top up the FK Hi Temp Wax with Collinite 845, supplied as free Bonus sample bottle.  Made in USA, 118.3 ml.
Full Collinite 845 Instruction PDF supplied with purchase.

Step 5: Clean Interior & Dress Tyres with FK108AS.
An Amazing Products with multiple uses. It is a liquid polymer sealant conditioner formulated to condition, restore and protect all interior, exterior plastic, rubber, leather surfaces, and vinyl surfaces of automobiles. Try it as an Engine bay cleaning & dressing agent, you will never use anything else. It is fortified with an anti-satic  agent to eliminate dust attraction. Use a Microfiber to apply & buff clean.

Step 6: After above process, you will see how easy it will become to keep your car shining & protected. It will reduce your washing routine, preventing unnecessory swirls put on car. For best results use Original California duster for subsequent dusting & FK #425 or any
Quick detailer (QD) for regular upkeep.

What are QDs ? See BB Impex Forum


BB Impex Car Care Kit-2

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